Tour de Romandie

The Tour de Romandie is a major cycling event benefiting a Swiss and international audience.

It brings together in a single entity all French-speaking cantons and represents a powerful vector of promotion for French-speaking Switzerland. It offers both fascinating sporting entertainment for the public and superb images for TV viewers.

The Tour de Romandie is unique and acts as a link between several regions that identify with this event.

Its key values – a prestigious and legendary cycle race, a promoter of cultural and tourist development – give it an important position in the international cycling calendar and accentuate its interest among the media. In 2006, this event received the “UCI Pro Tour” label of excellence, which becomes the “UCI World Tour” in 2011.

The Tour de Romandie, a stage race for cyclists, was founded in 1947 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Swiss Cycling Union. The first edition of the Tour brought together 40 riders divided into ten teams. At the time, only 4 stages featured in the programme and the total distance covered was 755 kilometres!

69 years later, the Tour de Romandie is stronger than ever :


  • A historic sporting event in the French part of Switzerland (1st edition in 1947)
  • One of the most popular sporting events in French-speaking Switzerland
  • An internationally renowned World Tour competition accredited by the International Cycling Union (UCI)
  • More than 480 vehicules accredited
  • 1000 hotel nights each day in the French part of Switzerland
  • 170 motorcyclists
  • More than 100’000 spectators at roadsides
  • 30 advertising vehicules in the advertising caravan


  • 6 days race
  • 20 professional cycling team
  • 160 cyclists
  • 360 attendants
  • 15 members in the « College » of commissary


  • 100 accredited journalists
  • 100 accredited technicians
  • 55 hours in TV on channel SRG SSR
  • 855 articles in the media
  • 30 photographers
  • More than 200 foreign countries broadcast images
  • 4.2 millions viewers of foreign TV audience
  • 55’000 viewers on average on the TSR


  • 600 volunteers
  • 30 permanents persons


  • More than 1’030’700 pages visited
  • More than 295’000 visits on the homepage